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Let's be the change we want to see in our Nation. 


Let's be the change we want to see in our Nation. 


For decades, We have trusted elected officials, the very same elected officials that lie to us on a daily basis. We vote for them because it is a conformity. Conformity to seeing a false sense of change that is only shown on social media. 

The people vote for them in hopes that they will keep their promises. However, we still remain one of the poorest counties, we are still the unhealthiest county in New York State and we are one of the most dangerous boroughs to live in.


Let’s reject the conformity of expecting the government to make change; and embrace the change of us being the catalyst to that change! 


Reject giving power to the government and embrace your potential; embrace your story, embrace your hopes and embrace change.



During times of uncertainty, we need a message constructed by hardships experienced by Bronxites. We always hear about candidates talking about the struggles they’ve gone through in hopes that will bring forth votes. We always hear about the things they’ve supposedly done. Enough with the waterworks! Enough with selfishness! The enabling of self-centered candidates has led us to this very point in history, not only in the Bronx but at a national scale.  


Listening to the Bronx is the first step. This first step has revealed to me that we all struggle, we all achieve and we all persevere. We all have stories, we all have a beacon of hope!


It is time that we all put together our individual beacons of hope to create ONE. ONE beacon that will shine the light to reveal the change that we want to see at a national scale; and with that same beacon, we will expose the damage perpetuated by the very people we trusted. 


We are the Bronx, and we will take back the power that we undeservedly gave to our government!

We can only trust ourselves to get things done!

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"Just when you thought you were losing hope in politics, angry with gridlock and partisan bickering, there is a beacon of hope that renews your spirit and reminds us that we live in a special place where anyone can do what they set their minds to with a little help. Win, lose or draw, Ariel is a winner and will no doubt have a very bright future."


- Hon. Bradley A. Blakeman former Deputy Assistant to the President

The most important qualification a leader can have is a heart for the people. Ariel Rivera-Diaz is a published author, an active community advocate and a dedicated public servant. His heart bleeds for the people he serves and you will not find a man who loves this country more than him.

- Republican National Hispanic Assembly 





NYCHA residents are being neglected, rent is at an all time high, people are suffering and our leaders ignore us. We have to hold these fake leaders accountable for their countless lies. What we need is sustainable housing. Housing that can be guaranteed for decades to come!



Our students deserve more than what they have been getting. Our teachers are not given enough credit. Our leaders have failed our future generations. From college readiness to student homelessness, we need change and that change starts now!



It is absurd that, living in a first world country, we are still experiencing third world problems. Food insecurity in the Bronx always existed and our "leaders" did nothing to combat it. This not only affects our physical health but also our mental health. We have had enough of ineffective leadership. 



Our "leaders" say that crime is decreasing however, everyday we see headlines of violent crime occurring on a daily basis. The city has stopped arresting violent criminals and repeat offenders. Our families no longer feel safe, even in their own homes. 



It is 2021 and we are still using technology from 1998 in our transportation system. All while the MTA and politician continue to increase the fares. This is not fair to our working class. We also have to remember that buses and trains are not the only way New Yorkers commute. We can no longer conform to mediocre service. 



We are the unhealthiest borough in all of New York State. As a former Community Health Worker, I understand that many things affect people's health. We must put in more effort on prevention rather than treatment. We can no longer wait until it is too late for our loved ones to take action.