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Vote for a
Stable and Secure Bronx


Be a part of History!

Raised in poverty and surrounded by crime, Ariel understands the dire need for real change in the Bronx. Since graduating high school, he has served the community. 

Now he looks to fight for everlasting results for the hard-working people of the Bronx. 

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Children are dying left and right, education is controlled by the governement and housing is collapsing. 

Result of endless Democrat control. 

To experience real change, we must change the way we vote!



THE TREATMENT: Bronx Cleansing Program 

  • Higher sentencing for crimes 

  • Zero Tolerance on Violent Crime

  • Immediate Exercising of Warrants

  • Violent Criminals under the age of 18 will be charged as adults 

PREVENTION: Bronx Rebuilt

  • Public safety starts from the home

    • Order is kept by the father and most of these homes have no fathers. 

  • After school programs for those students who self identify as fatherless

    • This program will be called, The American Youth program which will entail the following: 

      • Interactive Classes on how to be better examples in society for their own good

      • Hands on work such as: changing a tire, home fixes etc. 

      • Counseling for troubled youths 

      • The study of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

  • Rebuilding the NYPD for a more personalized approach in community policing​​​​

    • Police officers will have to be residents of the Precinct they work for​

    • Sheriff-Deputy System for more effective communication and law enforcement therefore creating a path for community based law enforcement